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Today, the modern architecture of technical assistance services shall submit to the General more puzzles in the field of cleaning.
It is often impossible to reach certain areas and certain glass facades using only traditional methods. For example some places difficult to access can not be reached only with the help of ladders or scaffolds mechanical arms. The revolutionary PuraQleen is the solution for optimal accessibility. Since we use lightweight materials such as aluminum, titanium and carbon, all of the bars is light stable and durable, so PuraQleen allows you to work in a safe and prudent to ensure accessibility to other optimal and an increased pace of work, PuraQleen provides the perfect end results without leaving any of those unsightly lines. Through the use of pure water and demineralised water as cleaning agent, all substances on the surface are dissolved.

Regardless of the weather conditions will ensure a drying process that will not leave marks or lines, even in direct sunlight. In addition, the electrostatic charge is reduced to a minimum, with the advantage that the new layer of dirt will be formed much more slowly and so the surface will stay clean much longer.

The system PuraQleen has been developed to provide a solution to the recurring problems of the professional cleaning industry, this new system offers a more secure and more productive cleaning of windows and facades in different situations. PuraQleen is suitable for virtually any type of faade but also offers the ideal solution for those facing glass facades or those in which the workplace is difficult or even impossible to achieve.

Working conditions are very favorable, but more importantly, safe, since the work is always done from a protected location. PuraQleen is the solution of practical problems arising from the strict European legislation on working conditions currently in force.

In addition to being safe and easy to use PuraQleen There is also no longer need to save time of stairs dangerous, expensive or complicated mechanical arms of scaffolding constructions, using the method PuraQleen , the heights otherwise unattainable, become easily within your reach. PuraQleen offers solutions for every type of application, the compact and mobile version can be used flexibly in any conceivable benefit, it is also possible to integrate the system in a car or a trailer equipped business a storage tank capable of delivering demineralized water at any time.

[headline htype=”h4″]A real success story: The new QLEEN powerful cleaning system.[/headline]

Time is money. Especially in the professional glass and facade cleaning, every minute counts. Consistent with the more developed QLEEN generation of devices we offer an intelligent cleaning system, which is one of the most powerful and most economical on the market (delivery in August 2012) ..
QLEEN. All advantages at a glance:

  1. The powerful system for professional Glass & Facade Cleaning
  2. Ten times faster than traditional methods
  3. More power on the basis of demineralized water
  4. Perfect cleaning delicate surfaces such as solar panels, as well as metal, stone, plastic, etc.
  5. Gentle care and preservation of architectural value
  6. Ergonomic and safe working from the ground
  7. New design & larger wheels for better off-road capability
  8. Secure Connection Technology & perfectly matched components
  9. Modular system for mobile use and upgradeable
  10. Adapts to your needs

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