[headline htype=”h4″]About Mafra[/headline]

Ma-Fra has been on the customers’ side since far-off 1965, helping to easily and ecologically solve all the problems faced every day by car owners and professionals. The Ma-Fra brand encompasses concepts upheld by very few companies nowadays and conveyed to the general public through a strong and ongoing advertising campaign such as love of perfection, in-depth knowledge of the market and full consideration of its customers’ needs. Tradition and extreme innovation: Ma-Fra blends the New and Old Economy with its IT technology and “team spirit” along with the conviction and quest to do our utmost to satisfy the people who place their faith in us by buying our product.

[headline htype=”h4″]Quality[/headline]

ISO quality certification offers end-users a full guarantee of reliability and compliance with regulations for success built up over the years. Ma-Fra has implemented its own Company Quality System in order to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To rationalist company organization and inter functionality;
  2. To reduce non-quality costs and improve productivity reducing waste and the number of modifications;
  3. To satisfy a continual increase in the demand for documentation about quality from Clients.

[headline htype=”h4″]Best Factory Award[/headline]

Since 1999, along with the Business University L. Bocconi, the Cranfield School of Management, Export Akademie Baden -Wurtemberg and the Ecole de Management de Lyon, Ma-Fra is part of this initiative that allows Companies enrolled to monitor the quality of the management practices in their own production units.