Plasti Dip International, the makers of Performix Brand products, has been developing and manufacturing its own specialty flexible, rubberized and protective foam coatings and adhesives since 1972. It all started with the most well known product in our line, Plasti Dip®. This DO-IT-YOURSELF rubberized dip protective coating product allowed the average consumer to begin coating and protecting all sorts of items around the home from tool handles to art and crafts.

Plasti Dip® and its companion flexible protective coating products soon became available in retail outlets all over the world creating the opportunity for those in various industries to come in contact with these innovative protective coating products. Since then we have developed hundreds of specialty protective coating products making many of the things you use everyday, better and longer lasting.

Our stretchy, rubbery Plasti Dip® protective coating is now even more interesting and exciting! Our Create Your Color Kit includes one fully redesigned container of clear Plasti Dip and 5 specially formulated tints. This exciting combination provides thousands of color possibilities for any and all of your protective coating projects.

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