International Alliances

[headline htype=”h4″]International alliances[/headline]

Because of the extreme importance of cleaning the area, which affects virtually at the level of development and growth in transport companies, as a result of the continuing search for companies with sufficient expertise in the area of cleaning, we have concluded several international alliances to help them in providing better services to increase growth and development of companies and already we have been able alliance with Companies pioneer in this field, which company Mafra (MA-FRA) Italian specialized in the manufacture of detergents and chemical company (BITIMEC) Italian specialized in manufacturing equipment and machinery needed for clean-up operations, according to the latest standards and techniques applicable global company, Birch Klein (PURAQLEEN) specializing in German Tchina Mechanisms for cleaning buildings, as our alliance with the company Odin Aero (Nodic Aero) Swedish specialized cleaning the outside of the aircraft through a company colleague … etc.

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