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Our services covers the area from touch down to take off, with current emphasis on handling (ramp and passenger), exterior aircraft cleaning and de-icing. Should you like to know more about what we can do for you in these areas or to help you find new cost efficient solutions to problems in any other area, please don´t hesitate to contact us

[headline htype=”h4″]Handling[/headline]

Handling is currently our fastest growing business segment. A major boost came when Swedish domestic carrier Skyways outsourced their handling operations at nine Swedish airports (including Stockholm-Arlanda) where we now do all their handling, from ticketing and check in to luggage handling and weight and balance.

Today we have Full Ground Handling at Stockholm-Arlanda and Gothenburg Airport. Passenger handling at Visby, Umea and Luleå. We are proud to have customers as Qatar Airways, TAP, Norwegian, Skyways, Tui Fly Nordic, as our clients at various Scandinavian airports.

When expanding our service menu, a dedicated multi-functional staff can create interesting cost efficient synergy solutions. Let´s talk about it! Pls call Catharina Redgård Commercial Director for further discussions.

[headline htype=”h4″]De/Anti-Icing[/headline]

In the Scandinavian countries cold winter conditions create a major safety problem for the airline industry. De-icing has for more than twenty years been a vital part of our business. While safety obviously is the No 1 as well as 2 and 3 priority in a de-icing operation, flexibility is also of vital importance in order to keep delays to a minimum. Today Nordic Aero has highly skilled de-icing teams in operation at airports in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

But we are not just spraying glycol. At several airports we are also involved in recovering the waste products of de-icing. And as an extension of that work, we are currently involved in an exciting new glycol recycling project at Stockholm Arlanda that soon could prove to be very interesting.

For further information regarding De-icing please contact our Commercial Director Catharina Redgård or Station manager at each airport.

[headline htype=”h4″]Exterior Cleaning[/headline]

They said it could not be done. We said: Nothing is impossible! So back in the early 1980´s we invented the first aircraft cleaning robot which we finally put in production after three years of development.
The original Nordic Dino, as we called it, along with the second generation Nordic Dino II and the bigger version Nordic Dino 777 are now used by airlines and military forces worldwide.
The Dino means a faster, more efficient and more cost effective way of exterior cleaning. A 747 for example can be washed in just 3,5 hours.


Starting back in 1983 with a small manual cleaning operation, we are today one of the largest exterior cleaning companies in the world.
We are presently offering our services at ARN, GOT, CPH, OSL airports and are continuously starting up new stations.
If you would like to discuss a cleaning contract or simply want to know more about our operation please contact either our Commercial Director Catharina Redgård or any of our Station Managers at each Airport.

For further information regarding the Nordic Dino please contact us

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